"Every person is like one more family member for us. We introduce you to our young team who works daily with passion and enthusiasm at the quest for the quality of our products."


CHIAPPINI - SEPARATOR He’s the book of our history, the manual of our work and the knowledge of our land. He delivers his advice and his wisdom to the whole group. Giovanni is Chiappini and Chiappini is Giovanni.

"The land has the same worth of those who work it."



CHIAPPINI - SEPARATOR She is the soul of the enterprise. She organises and promotes our wines. She often leaves the office and goes to discover new “worlds”, always with a bottle of our wine in her suitcase. In her free time she is a mum too.

"Ours is a story of family farming, with an open mind. I have always travelled a lot, and it is exactly the discovery of new places that made me understand how beautiful this territory is, so suited for wine. That is also why I decided to stay here, create a young team and make an effort to increase this small enterprise while also keeping its initial attitude."



CHIAPPINI - SEPARATOR She is the mum, and like all mums she is very demanding! She is been the accountant for forty years, and her attitude is very neat and meticulous.Her great passion is the one towards the roses that she planted at the beginning of each vineyard.

"Together with Giovanni, I contributed to the creation of the enterprise by taking care of the accounting part. Even though I work behind the scenes, my contribution is essential because, as I always repeat to my daughters, the accountancy is the mirror of the enterprise."



CHIAPPINI - SEPARATOR She is the artist of the enterprise. Itinerant architect, she decided to unpack the suitcase and to put the experiences collected around Europe in the wardrobe of Bolgheri. She translates her critical attitude into creative ideas and proposals for the enterprise.

"The enterprise is my Home. The load-bearing structures are the land and the climate of our territory, which give character to the wine; the external casing, which protects and guards, is without doubt the work, both in the vineyard and in the cellar; the openings are the glances to new horizons, new markets and new projects. And the wine can only be the life and emotions, the essence of every house."



CHIAPPINI - SEPARATOR He’s the one that turns our grapes in wine and our wine in emotions. Meticulous, chatty and athletic. During his lunch breaks he trains for the marathon by running among the vineyards for his most important race: the marathon of the harvest!

"Working with respect, care and passion in order to fill our glass with the uniqueness that our territory gifts us with."



CHIAPPINI - SEPARATOR She’s our very young economist. When she first started working at Chiappini she only had numbers, data and percentages on her mind… here she discovered the interest for wine and how to combine it with maths!

"My blend is composed at 50% of bills, at 30% of wine selling and at 20% of welcoming the guests; it does the maturation process in the office and for a few months between the wine shop and the reception. A very balanced product but complex at the same time. It is still very young and it can age for a long time!"



CHIAPPINI - SEPARATOR Ilaria is practically made of bread and wine! Her mother, a seasoned cook of local cuisine, and her father, a passionate and knowledgeable source of the wines of Bolgheri, are eager to pass down the traditions in which they were raised. Ilaria loves to eat bread soaked with the sauces prepared by her mother and listen to her father's stories of their family history rooted in the culture of food and wine. In 2021 Ilaria joined the Chiappini team. Her family has grown alongside ours and she shares an intimate understanding of our values. When visiting to enjoy our wine Ilaria will share the story of the land, our family, and our wines.

"The wine is part of culture, family, friendship... values in which I happily live by."



CHIAPPINI - SEPARATOR They are our future. Born in 2007, 2009 and 2021 they are still looking for a position in our farm but you will hear about them !